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If you are one of the 15 million customers who do business with independent agents because of the counsel and choice they provide, you need to know about Deerbrook Insurance Company. Deerbrook is totally dedicated to customers who prefer an independent insurance advisor to help with insurance needs.

At Deerbrook, we have the background and experience to help meet your auto insurance needs. Deerbrook has been built upon the cornerstones of reliable protection and superior service. This is how we build strong relationships that provide you with quality coverage and peace of mind.

Prompt, Friendly Service
At Deerbrook we truly value our customers, and we strive to provide excellent service and the understanding you expect from your insurance company. That means we will work with your independent agent to ensure your questions are answered promptly and courteously. It means we will do all we can to resolve claims quickly and fairly, and we will be honest and friendly in all our communications.


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