Citrix / Terminal Server

Each User of Interlink will also need to configure their browser when they initially log onto the Citrix/Terminal server. Reference Optimizing Your Browser for InterLink  for additional guidance.

Sun Java must be preset to run the java applets within InterLink.  Sun Java has proven more successful on Citrix and Terminal servers.  For more information see the Required Applications page.  Go to Links and Downloads to download Sun Java. 

The above settings will optimize your performance, but cannot correct a resource over utilization problem.  This application takes substantial processor, memory and bandwidth.  If your system is short on any of these resources it will affect performance.  The standalone PC requirements are a minimum of 400MHz processor with 256 MB of memory.  If you have a large number of users this can quickly use up a large amount of your Citrix / Terminal server resources.

03/06/2008 09:07 AM