Pop Up Stoppers 

Do you have a Popup Stopper?  Symptoms include the following:

To confirm your suspicion, you can hold down the "ctrl" key when making your selection, this will disable many popup stoppers.  Below you will find Instructions for configuring or removing common Pop up stoppers:

Instructions for common Internet Security Software is provided on the Security Software page

Search 2020 - Removing
Ad Nuker - Removing
Stopzilla - Removing
WebSeach’s POP up Stopper - Removing
MSN Toolbar - Configuring
Yahoo Toolbar - Configuring
Google Toolbar - Configuring
Spy Hunter Enigma - Configuring
Dogpile - Configuring

If you are looking for a pop up stopper, see the  Security Software page, or the Downloads & Links page for supported free toolbars.

Tool bars are considered "Spyware" if they monitor your Internet usage, this often causes performance problems. To find out more, see the SpyWare Page.


04/08/2005 11:28 AM