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If your e-mail requires follow-up, a Deerbrook Insurance Company representative will strive to contact you within one (1) business day upon receipt of your e-mail.

However, we cannot guarantee the exchange of information over the Internet. Therefore, we urge you to contact your licensed Deerbrook agent to communicate requests or questions.

For your protection, Deerbrook requires a personal conversation between you and your agent prior to binding any changes in coverage. This means coverage cannot take effect until this conversation occurs.

Communicating via e-mail does not constitute an offer of coverage. Policy conditions, terms, and availability may vary by state. Coverage is subject to availability and qualifications. Other terms and conditions may apply.

Deerbrook encourages you to forward comments, suggestions, recommendations, and any solicited or unsolicited data, information or knowledge. Deerbrook reserves the right to declare any material received to be the intellectual property of Deerbrook upon receipt of the information or material in any form.


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